• So Big Is the World that We Are

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    This summer, four groups of CSU students, 138 in total, went out of the country to study in such four universities as University of British Columbia, University of Oxford, University of California, Berkeley, and Waseda University. This has been the first time for the International Exchange Program of CSU to usher in the peak of the number of participants since 2010.

    University of British Columbia, Canada (UBC) is a leading world-class research university, and is called “Top Three” among Canadian universities together with University of Toronto and McGill University. Its summer classroom project has been carried out for 10 years and has accumulated rich experience. The school has 33 learning units for students to choose, 2 courses for each unit and 39 hours for each course equivalent to its six credits. These courses involve applied science, architecture, arts, business and so on so that students involved in the project can have their major butted.

    This time, CSU selected 93 students from a number of candidates, which is the largest UBC project team.

    Wang Zhaoyu, a senior from School of Geosciences and Info-Physics, said when she was a freshman, she had already had the idea of studying abroad. So for this opportunity, she did not hesitate to apply for it. At UBC, she deeply experienced the life and learning status she had wanted. She likes the eclectic forms of teaching of UBC: small video playback, group discussions, role-playing simulation, and group games. One month’s stay there not only makes her get used to the library but also fully aware of her shortcomings. At present, she is actively preparing for the TOEFL.

    Wu Chengqian from School of Resources Processing and Bioengineering developed a deep interest in the teaching form of UBC, which is after all a great way to relocate the class seaside in addition to regular classroom instruction, discussions, and activities. He said with emotion: six-credit courses, compared with that of CSU, was not easy at all, including homework, quiz, test reports, midterm exam, and final exam apart from the classes; it was no exaggeration to say that at UBC, one might review PPT till 1:00 a.m. in the morning.

    Of course, happiness is the biggest gains in addition to knowledge. There are so many sports events, like skating, yoga, indoor basketball, baseball so on and so forth. They also love sports just the same as life.

    Qi Xuanning from Class 1301 of Architecture said that he had gradually fallen in love with the city of Vancouver and the UBC. So far, he has often recalled that one-month learning and life experiences. He joked to his classmates: a whole class in UBC meant a walk around the entire Vancouver. Buildings of this city are novel yet not exaggerated, simple yet not monotonous, unified but not identical. He learned that site selection of construction needed to seek the views of the surrounding communities and the design would also take the disabled access into consideration while there was almost no dust in the construction. Walking around the neighborhood is an unbounded enjoyment of beauty. He who majored in Architecture determined to instill this concept throughout his future study and work.

    Bo Jiayi from Class 1301 of Accounting, School of Business, going abroad for the first time, went to University of California at Berkeley, America’s top research university. His greatest gains are: walking on the campus of University of California, watching the sea by Fisherman’s Wharf boat, walking in the coastal town of Sausalito, admiring fairyland-like sculpture of Palace of Fine Art, listening to the bargaining and higgling of old overseas Chinese in Cantonese at Chinatown, and overlooking the entire San Francisco by climbing onto Lombard Street. He said that the world is so big that there was no reason not to have a look at it!

    Wang Wenxuan from Class 1401 of School of Foreign Languages attended a 14-day educational project in Oxford and experienced a lot. Such things as innovation and entrepreneurship classes of Ms. Daniela Papi-Thornton, new books of Professor Andrew Briggs, lecture on the UK and the world of Professor Martin, pronunciation and presentation skills courses of Ms. Jennifer Rudnay and presentation and interview skills courses of Mr. Colin Bruce have still lingered in her memory

    Liu Ziqi, a senior from School of Material Science and Engineering reflected that it was a worthwhile trip, during which his language skills had been significantly improved, and had made many friends from different countries and schools.

    In addition, the Scottish dance, barn dance, the British theater, and medieval Vespers of Christ Church College in Oxford are colorful and memorable. Oxford’s educational experience project allows 9 students to see a real UK and also to have a chance of self-improvement.

    On August 8, Lu Yuchen a senior from School of Information and his 16-person team ended a 13-day exchange program in Waseda University, during which they had a taste of the world-class university. Learning tour around Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Osaka let them have a deep understanding of the unique culture of Japan.

    It is said that in order to successfully carry out the project, the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of CSU has done a lot of attentive and considerate work, including early contact, project publicity, building QQ group and micro letter group, and the later visa application, course selection, accommodation application, and pre-education, ensuring the students’ smooth travel and safe and sound return.

    Bai Yi, Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office said: Chinese universities and foreign universities should co-found overseas exchange programs for college students to promote the personal development of college students and to develop universities’ international perspectives. Learning and life experiences in a foreign country have ripened these students from being inexperienced to half-known and half-timid, and to actively show. In the future, we need to create more opportunities for more students to go abroad and to the world to fully experience foreign cultures, to learn more diversified knowledge and customs and culture of foreign countries, and to guide students for the establishment of a new international concept.


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